About Dalbile 2018-04-15T13:47:06+00:00
  1. Name: the name of this company is Dalbile Construction & Contracting Company
  2. Date established: Dalbile Construction & Contracting Company was established in July   2016 in Muqdisho.
  3. Nationality: Somali
  4. Nature of Professional: Constructions & Contracting Company.
  5. Emblem: the emblem of the company is a development.
  6. Offices: the headquarters of the company is muqdisho and have branch offices at jowhar,  Afgoye, Baydoa, Kismayo, .
  7. PostalAddress:Contact:Tel:+2526-15793748/2526-15011999/+2526-15815492 EmailAddress: dalbile.construction@gmail.com