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The objectives of the Company are:-

  • Contribute in the nationwide effort in reconstruction and rehabilitation of all types of building and infrastructure   Render all type of constriction and contracting activities including building construction  and rehabilitation , design, serving , water canal building ,shallow wells construction ,water systems ,building consultants ,road construction ,electrical contracting mechanical engineering soil conservation and bunds construction .etc
  • Create employment opportunities for e large number of the local scale, semi scale employees, as well casual labor.
  • Earn profit and comply with tax and labor laws
  • To improve Construction activities with high quality,
  • To develop the transportation aspects,
  • To develop the master plan of any needed area,
  • To set the building code of the country,
  • To plan Soil and Water Conservation,
  • To investigate potential aquifers
  • To establish and implement real state in the region, and
  • To provide training skills to the community.